Hi, tiqs hospitality quick set-up (in a few steps), for your hotel, BnB, Events, Festivals, Clubs and more. This does not take more than a few minutes!
Make an account, press the button below. The page is opened in a new window so you can switch back to this page.

Get your account

Subscribe your business.

First you need to make an account on tiqs lost + found as a hospitality business (hotel, (air)BnB, festival, event, bar, club, etc

Within a minute you will receive an email from lost-found with the credentials for your account. There is also a link, for the found items, to use on your webpage for your visitors.
Install the tiqs hospitality App on your mobile
For android devices
For IOS devices
Start the app on your mobile. Press START.
When using the app the first time, the app will ask you to login. Use the credentials you have received in the credentials email.
The app will return to the start screen. You are now able to log an item in the lost + found system.

tiqs hospitality app

Press the start button

Login for logging found items

use the credentials received in your email

Take a photo of the found item

Take a photo of the found item

Describe and select a category

Describe the item and select a category from the list

Category selection

Select the category and press UPLOAD

Receive a unique code

From the message box use the received code for reference on the bag. The received code can also be found in your account.

You have now logged an item in the lost and found system. The item is visible on the public link for your visitors. This link is in your credentials email.
You can check the logged item, in your account. The button below is for access to your account.
Make the public list of your items visible for your visitors, so that they can claim there lost items back.
You can make two types of links. One is a url link to your lost and found page. The other is an embedded iframe on your page. The embedded link becomes a part of your webpage. While the url link redirects your visitors to a tiqs public page with your found items.
The url link (public link) is set in your
tiqs hospitality credential mail and look similar to.


Where one should be replaced with the number
given in your credentials email. Your web-designer knows how, to do this.
For more information about how to link the public page press the button below.

Below an example of a lost and find items page

Public overview of found items

This overview lists all found items, registered by you through the mobile app.
The item description and category is automatically changed into the appropriate language,
selected by the user.

The item can now be claimed by the rightful owner with the blue button on the right side of the screen.
Your lost + found department is now in place!
How we handle the claim
Press the button below to find out how we handle the claim of a found item….