tiqs brand ambassador

Our brand ambassadors get monetary compensations for promoting the products and services of tiqs. The efforts are borne out of genuine appreciation for the tiqs brand. 

There are no fixed qualifications. Our brand ambassadors are students, housewives, office workers or professionals. As long as they have genuine appreciation for the tiqs brand, you can be brand ambassadors.

This means that our brand ambassador can be… well, anyone, every where. !

A tiqs brand ambassador is a local representative of tiqs, endorsing our products and services as well as acting as an embodiment of tiqs corporate identity through his or her words and actions.
What does the Brand Ambassador do?
Brand ambassadors provide and increase the visibility of our brand, boosting market awareness of the brand and products, consequently, increasing the number of customers and strengthen and solidify the relationship between the users of tiqs products and/or services.
As brand ambassador you are:
– knowledgeable about our service and products
– connected with the market
– knows the local area. 
– sales oriented
– service oriented
– is knowledgeable about social media
– has transportation
By registering your receive additional information about the brand ambassador program. There are of course rules and regulations.