New Bag-tag and stickers?

tiqs bag-tag and stickers

Having bag-tag and/or stickers the easiest way to register is scanning the QR code with your mobile camera.

To register manually without your mobile camer.

Found something?

No hassle for you to handle.

When you found something and you want to get it back to the owner and get the finders fee set by the owner.

Register multiple items?

Manually registering items.

Register multiple items, add a photo of your item and set your findersfee.

Login your account.

tiqs lost + found Personal bag-tags and stickers

Protect your belongings with tiqs bag-tag and stickers.

tiqs hospitality for hotels, (air)BnB, bars, restaurants, festival and events

Organise your lost + found

tiqs Asset management for businesses

Combine tiqs bag-tag and stickers with your asset management

We allow private persons, businesses and organisations manage lost and found property better, in one digital place, supporting a sustainable world. 

We are tiqs, the World’s largest lost + found company servicing the entire globe. 
tiqs lost + found

Hi, welcome!
Let me explain what we do, where additional information can be found and how our products and services help you with your lost and found!
I have a question! is this for me, or only for businesses?
It’s for You! It’s for everybody! More info about our hospitality industry solution below (hotel, bnb, airbnb, events, clubs, bars, etc).
More info about personal usage, see below the hospitality industry info.

Are you working in the hospitality industry?

More about tiqs hospitality industry solution.

Working in the hospitality industy, like a hotel BnB, airBnB, club or events. Read more about tiqs unique solution.

Ok, i want to use tiqs for personal usage, please explain?
To give you an impression what tiqs is all about, you can watch a small video about us and how our solution works. After the video we can continue…
tiqs lost + found
thanks! as you can see the solution is simple and effective. You tag/sticker your items and register them. When someone finds your item, the QR code is scanned, you get a message that your item has been located. The item is shipped to through DHL worldwide. Read our comic for more info about tiqs lost + found.
Sound simple and smart. So how do I get the bag-tag
and stickers ?
Your can order the bag-tag and stickers online… (click on the button below). You will get 5 tag-bags and one yearly subscription. So you can give away 4 tiqs bag-tag and sticker packages to you family, friends or other relations. This way it’s easy for them to get secured as well.
So I buy one and get 5 packages and for one package the yearly subscription is paid?
Exactly! Order and we will send you 5. You probably will make 4 other people happy! (they still need to subscribe on the service, but they have the bag-tag and stickers!)
I already have a tiqs bag-tag with stickers, how does that work?
Let me explain that in on a different page. Just click the button below.